Finding Talent for Company.

Agreed that Job Availability to Unemployed Candidate’s ratio is 6 million to 6.8 million in the USA, but it’s not really about the number of Unemployed Candidates.

Companies aren’t really bothered about the ratio but there are many eligible candidates unemployed too and such disparities can be undone by Finding the right candidate of the Lot which is available.

In this blog, we explore ways to find the right candidates for the Job opening in your firm.

1) Employee Referral

Yes, this is very underrated. Studies say that employee referral is the most successful way to bring talent to the company.

    Reasons could be:

  • Referrers will not want to be responsible for the bad performance of their referee so, they will make sure the candidate they bring in is of company standards
  • The candidate is mostly aware of the company and he/she would be well prepared for interviews (Thanks to the inputs of Referrer)

But to state, the obvious, many companies don’t prioritize about it enough.

    That may be because of:

  • Poor Execution of Employee Referral Programs
  • The referrer is not getting good benefits for his work
  • Or such a program doesn’t exist in the firm at all.

Now, what measures should be taken and what kind of Plan would be effective will be explained in another blog which we will be releasing soon.

2) Job Posting

I don’t think this topic needs a lot of explaining and exploring as every firm does it, there are many Job portals Like Indeed, Dice, CareerBuilder and many more which lets you post jobs for free and you can pay and boost the job post too.

    You should consider:

  • The number of visitors that website gets per month (you can google how to check traffic of a website)
  • Types and reputation of Job posting and firms which are posted

3) Social Media

Social media can be anything you want it to be E.g.: say a substitute for a website, a perfect marketing tool, to make sales and even to hire right candidates but you have to do it right.

If you want to find right candidates on Social Media (ILinkedIn (mainly), Facebook, Instagram) you have to build the right candidates and you have to make sure your audience is responding to your posts, basically Keeping them engaged.

And obviously, you can Advertise your Job openings, LinkedIn even has a paid Job Posting which is a must use the tool if you want to find the right candidates by yourself or your Audience is not large enough or engaged enough.

4) Find your next best Talent with Brainhunter.

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