When I was going through new job opportunities which will be the next big things for Job Seekers, I came across this Interesting platform called Duck Creek, A Property and Casualty Insurance Carrier platform.

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How large is Insurance Industry?:

According to S & P Global Market Intelligence, US Insurance industry’s net premium summed up to $1.2 Trillions in 2017 (trends suggest that the net premium for 2018 in an upward direction), with Life and Health insurances constituting 52% and Property /Casualty insurances about 48% , you can’t really pick a winner here.

What is Duck Creek? Why does it exist?

In such a huge domain, Insurance companies are always in search of tech which could help them centralize their data and make some sense of it; hence, the arrival of Duck Creek a P/C (Property and Casualty) Carrier Suite which helps in decision making at all levels of hierarchy.

About Duck Creek:

Like every start-up story, they started as a small team who worked day and nights even on weekends to bring one of the best Suite for Insurance Companies and they believed in creating a tech which unlocked the potential of people and their ideas.

Duck Creek Platform is a set of tools which consists of rating, billing, claims, policy administration, data insights, and digital engagement. These tools can be configured to be used as an integrated product as well as independently too.

Gartner has named Duck Creek as the leaders of “Magic Quadrant for P&C Core Platforms, North America.” For the fourth consecutive years I.e. since 2014.

They were previously called as Accenture Duck Creek, But since 2014’s summer Duck Creek’s been operating as a separate company.

Who uses Duck Creek?:

Duck Creek has more than 200 happy customers and they have seen 85% bookings growth for the year of 2018 and they can only go upwards from here as they are still in the Growth stage of a Product Life Cycle.

Following are the list of top Clients of Duck Creek:
  1. Zurich
  2. Geico
  3. West Bend
  4. Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance
  5. Coverys
  6. Axis
  7. Chubb
  8. Hub
  9. Penn National Insurance
  10. Anchor General Insurance Agency Inc.

Opportunities await for Duck Creek Experts:

It’s pretty obvious that Duck Creek as a tool is booming in the market so are the opportunities for candidates who have worked with Duck Creek’s tools, Mainly because Duck Creek is Such a tool that it requires Customizations to make it suitable for the respective firm and it takes a specialist to do so.

Most Common Job Titles/ Designations:

This is what we want to say; Duck Creek is predicted to see a lot of Growth in the coming years and so are the Job opportunities for Candidates who are skilled in Duck Creek.

So hang on to your hats, the Golden Days for Duck Creek skilled candidates are coming.

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